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扫雷2H 是在双曲平面上玩的扫雷游戏。游戏目标是找出地雷的位置。




您可以使用垂直箭头调整游戏区的位置(仅限 iPhone 和 iPod touch)。







需要 iOS 11.0 或更高版本。

版本 1.22 中新功能


游戏胜利的屏幕快照 游戏失败的屏幕快照


Sweeper2H is a minesweeper game played on a hyperbolic plane. The game goal is to find out the locations of the mines.

Drag the circular playing field and tap heptagonal tiles to open them. If you open all the tiles that have no mine, you win. Hitting a mine by mistake, you lose the game.

If a digit is revealed, it indicates the number of mines hidden under the adjacent tiles. You can't open flagged tiles. When you double-tap a digit, the surrounding tiles will open if you have correctly flagged.

Tap a horizontal arrow twice to start the next game.

You can adjust the position of playing field with the vertical arrows (iPhone and iPod touch only).

Tapping "Sets" enables the following settings.

Tap "Battle" or "Comp.", and enjoy split-screen multiplayer with your friend. In the battle mode, number of taps will be each player's score. In the competition mode, number of opened tiles is the score. Of course you lose if you dig up a mine.

"Easy", "Normal" and "Hard" buttons enable you to change the game difficulty.

When "Long P." is selected, you can flag a tile by pressing it long. Selected "Switch", you can toggle between tap-to-open and tap-to-flag by tapping empty space.

You can select "Upright" or "Focus" as the orientation of symbols including the mines, digits and flags.


Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

What's New in Version 1.22

Improved game graphics.

Screenshot of You Win Screenshot of You Lose